Coating and Packaging

In-House Coating and Packaging of (2) Heavy duty paint lines that can accommodate individual parts weighing over 3,000 lbs. Our packaging department offers a wide variety of coatings include zinc phosphate, epoxy, polyurethane and enamel in a multitude of colors.

We can perform the following services:
- Specialists in CARC painting for military applications
- Alodine 2100 and Blue wash primer pre-treatments
- Painting a variety of materials including steel, iron, and aluminum.
- Foam in place packaging for air drop delivery.
We also have a Full woodshop for customized packaging options.

Paint Line Information:

(2) CARC Lines
(6) Global Finishing Solutions Spray Booth
Total Paint Line Length:1700’
(1) Kremlin Rexson Electronic Dosing Unit
Floor Space: 200 X 100’
(3) Wisconsin ATR Seal Trolley Oven
MAX Individual Load Weight: 3.000 lbs
(1) Singleton Corporation Salt Sprayer
Epoxy, polyurethane, and enamel coatings
(2) Top Coat 2-Valve Mixing Unit
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