Gear Cutting

Gear cutting capabilities consist of semi-automatic and CNC Hobbing, Shaping, and Broaching machines capable of processing multiple types of gear profiles.
(1) Kapp Niles ZE630 Gear Grinder
(2) Red Ring GCX-587 Gear Shaver
(1) Red Ring GCU-2804 Gear Shaver
(1) Fellows No. 12 Gear Shaper
(4) Fellows 20-4 Gear Shaper
(1) Fellows 10-4 Gear Shaper with Helical Guide
(1) Colonial Broaching Machine
(1) Barber-Coleman Standard Hobbing Machine
(2) Mitsubishi GD30 CNC Hobber
(1) Nomura Horizontal Boring Mill
(1) Kapp Niles Gear Analyzer
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