Assistant Controller – Linda Delisle

Linda Delisle is an Assistant Controller for Loc. She joined the company through a temp agency as a Contract Management Administrator, handling government contracts, and also handling accounts receivable. Starting at Loc, she was able to successfully balance school and attain her Bachelor’s degree. She credits mentors including Loc’s former CFO as helping her to progress in her career.

“I’ve learned a lot more about manufacturing. I’ve learned a lot more about finance as far as how it applies to the manufacturing industry. I think I’ve learned more about dealing with people every day, because you deal with such a variety and different situations when you change positions and when you are responsible for different things.”

On top of this new knowledge, Linda also has a newfound appreciation for manufacturing in general. “I think I understand more how the manufacturing process actually works from start to finish. When you’re in accounting or finance, everything flows down to us. So because it does do that, we understand we have to learn all the elements to understand how they’re going to tie in to the dollars and stuff at the very end.”

She has high regards for her colleagues, stating, “We all work together. We’re all working hard, and we all try to understand what the other person’s position is or what they have to do and how our particular job feeds into theirs. We just have a really good group of people. I think that’s really what makes the company.”

Linda really enjoys the “people” aspect of her job. “There’s a lot of people who’ve been here a long time, so you know them well. We’re very in sync with each other.”

Linda’s daily tasks often take place in Loc’s cloud-based ERP system, Plex. “I also work with our accounts receivable analyst, and we handle all of our fixed assets and such. Plex really helps because you can see it in real time. You also can see what other people are doing and what’s getting fed into the system right then and there, which also helps you with your planning.”

As far as advice for new employees, Linda says, “If you’re really interested in growing and working hard, this is the place where you can realize your potential. One of the things I really like about working here is people really do see you as people. You’re not numbers to them, and you’re well-rewarded for your efforts. And you’re appreciated. People tell you they appreciate that you worked hard and that you did really good on this. And like I say, monetarily they are well-rewarded for working really hard.”

When it comes to clients, Linda states, “I think we take their needs very seriously. I also think we’re very efficient and always striving to be more efficient in what we do, too. It’s important because that kind of savings gets passed on to the customer. And that we’re really good at working with the customer at what they want, even when we’re establishing new ways of collaborating.”