Process Engineer – Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce is a Process Engineer who has worked at Loc Performance for 11 years. He left his third shift job as a lathe set-up engineer at a tool and die shop in search of different hours. When he came to Loc, Dan made a lateral career shift, and starting out with Loc as a day shift lathe set-up engineer.

Dan recounts his first impression of his new colleagues as inclusive. “They were very welcoming,” Dan says, “Everybody here is helpful. Constantly people coming up, asking if you need anything, trying to show you new things.”

A few years after Dan started working at Loc, the need for a supervisor surfaced. Dan’s strong understanding of the job and company as a whole made him a natural fit for the promotion. “People were already coming to me for help on just about everything, so they offered me the position Lathe Supervisor,” says Dan.

For a few years, Dan operated as Lathe Supervisor, putting in 13 hour days and communicating objectives with those on the night shift.

As Dan’s home life shifted, he spoke with management about his needs and the possibility of a position that was more accommodating to his schedule. Based on his performance, Loc management offered Dan the position of Process Engineer, which he holds to this day.

According to Dan, his history as a lathe set-up engineer is a tremendous advantage in his current position. “Now I’m up front and I see how things are costed out, why things are done the way they’re done,” Dan says. “I really understand what it really costs to make what we make and all the pieces that you don’t see when you’re out there making parts.”

Looking toward the future, Dan hopes his son will one day be able to join the Loc team. “I just know there’s a lot to learn here,” says Dan. “A lot from every aspect of the manufacturing industry, and it could be a great experience because no matter what you do or what you’re interested in, there’s basically something for everyone here. And everyone takes pride in their work.”

“Personally, I take a great deal of satisfaction knowing that a lot of the work we’re doing is supplying our armed forces with the equipment that they need to do their job.”

Opportunity for personal growth and advancement are a core component of what Loc provides to its employees. Loc is proud to celebrate the success Dan and so many other employees have found in their careers at Loc.