Human Resource Assistant – Angela Grahl

Angela Grahl is a Human Resource Assistant at Loc. She was hired right out of school and has been here since September 2016. Coming into her position, she didn’t know much about the company, but she was enthusiastic about giving the job a shot.

She recalls the day of her interview, “I thought the building was really nice. They also did a full walk-through with me. I got to see everybody. I got to go through the shop. It was interesting, very welcoming.”

There were learning curves that Angela had to overcome, but she was grateful for the support she received as she started out. “It wasn’t ever like I felt like it was a one-person show. I would check in with Jason Atkinson (Chief Operating Officer) sometimes and be like, ‘Hey, I don’t even know what I’m doing. How would you handle this? He would ask me to sit down and we would talk for over a half hour” She continues, saying, “He was really approachable and made me feel like I was valued. It was nice to have that confidence.”

Originally hired as a part-time employee, Angela became full-time within just over a month. Early in her work at Loc, Angela became critical to interviewing and hiring the tremendous number of new employees that Loc needed to drive the company’s continued growth. Angela recounts how her role continued to develop, “I had gained more responsibility little by little and moved from being part-time to being full-time and really owning some things. Now I pretty much own the entire hiring process from start to finish.”

“I appreciate the responsibility,” says Angela. “I’m happy to have it, because I feel like I do own it. I had told Jason during our year-end review in December that I really felt like this was a home to me now.”

Angela explains that even if applicants don’t have the perfect skill set to match a particular job description, there are still other factors that could give them an edge in their interviews. “Definitely show that they have a good attitude. If they’re enthusiastic. If they speak to having goals for themselves. Beyond experience, good attitude is the majority of what we’re looking for.”

She continues, “It’s a good, stable company. Growing company. What I tell people who are interviewing is a job is what you make of it. If you are looking for a stable, long-term position, you have job stability, as long as you have a good attitude and good attendance.”

Angela is humble, but knows that her work plays an important role in the company, “It’s nice to see that my little position has a way bigger impact for Loc as a whole. I feel like since I’m picking up the hiring as much as I can, that means that the parts are getting out, and we’re going to continue on the path of growth that we’re already on.”