Mill Operator – Rob Walker

Rob Walker is a Mill Operator at Loc who started off as a general laborer. Prior to starting here, Rob worked construction, and despite starting at an entry-level position, he managed to advance his career with the right mindset. He stayed ambitious and had the attitude of a self-starter, which got him recognized. Those traits led to Rob being offered training to work on a mill, which he accepted. He stayed focused and made the most of the opportunity. This ultimately led him down the career path that he is on today.

Being a dependable and hardworking employee, it was natural that Rob experienced rapid career advancement at Loc. Rob represents the willingness to learn and motivation to improve that Loc is looking for in every employee.

On a day-to day basis, Rob is in charge of meeting quotas and assuring part quality. “I was trained efficiently enough to be able to meet that quota. There’s a lot of small details that also come in with running a mill,” says Rob. He also states that time management is a big part of the job. “Everything is based on time. I mean, Loc has it down pat, where they know how many you should produce every hour and if you do that correctly, you’ll meet that quota with no problem.”

When asked about his potential future at Loc, Rob states, “As far as I’m concerned, the sky’s the limit.” Based on his career advancement so far, that appears to be an accurate statement. “I’m gonna take it step by step. Maybe being an assistant to my team leader, if not a leader one day,” says Rob. “I’ll be retiring from here.”

Rob thinks highly of his colleagues, citing the collaborative workforce. “We all get here, we all do our jobs, each person’s job is different from the other, but we all have that same common goal. It’s pretty much like a team to me.”

Although he takes his work very seriously and remains efficient, that doesn’t stop Rob from appreciating his job and making the most of his position. “Every day there’s always something exciting and new going on, I might walk in here and see a tank rolling through here one day. It’s all good fun, man. I appreciate being here.”

Rob has some advice for anyone thinking of launching their career at Loc. “First thing I’d tell them is don’t get discouraged. You can do it,” says Rob. “You know some things…can look challenging. People might shy away from it, ‘I can’t do that’. Yes you can, dude. You didn’t know how to ride a bike until somebody showed it to you.”

“When I first got here, I couldn’t read a caliper. But now you put one in my hand and it’s almost like basic math.” He credits his former department leader, Dave Baker, and other members of the production department for his success.

When asked if Dave inspired him to motivate new employees, Rob responded, “Yes. I do it every day. General laborers come in here, they come and go. I try to motivate and encourage each and every one that comes through the door, in my own special way to each and every one.”