Plant Manager – Rob Walkiewicz

Rob Walkiewicz is currently Loc’s Plant Manager, but has had experience with just about every position throughout his years at this company. A former Army Combat Engineer, Loc was Rob’s first employer when he returned to civilian life 25 years ago.

Rob started as a saw operator, working on some of the same vehicles that he had operated during his time in the service. Rob recounts his earliest days at the company, stating, “Transitioning to civilian life was a change all of its own, and Loc was a good place to work as I did that.” As a former member of the service, Rob had a unique appreciation for the defense systems that Loc was manufacturing, and took great pride in his work.

He attributes a multitude of factors in supporting his journey from saw operator to Plant Manager, specifically noting a lot of hard work, a lot of hours put in, paying attention, getting involved in everything he could, and caring.

Throughout his time at Loc, Rob has been in charge of the lathe, assembly, welding and gear departments. Now as Plant Manager, he oversees the entire operation.

More than a paycheck, Rob has found Loc to be a solid home for his career, “I’ve just enjoyed my job, so I really didn’t pursue another job.” He notes that doing something that he felt mattered, alongside having room for growth, has been a huge part of his decision to focus his career toward Loc.

Rob takes it upon himself to help new employees become comfortable and push them in the right direction. If an employee stands out, he does his best to make sure they’re noticed and their talent is rewarded. “There’s so much room for advancement here, it’s crazy not to try to get people to move up.”

Rob’s attitude is a reinforcement of Loc’s company-wide culture. New employees are supported and put in positions to succeed and advance in their career. “You got to keep moving along. Let them know that there is advancement possible,” says Rob.

Rob is also an advocate of employees taking advantage of Loc’s educational reimbursement program. He explains, “I’ve taken courses over here at Schoolcraft College, and they’ve paid for all of them. Any kind of a math or anything shop oriented, they pay for.”

The concept that anyone with the right motivation and skills can rise to the top is central to the philosophy of Loc management, and Loc is proud to celebrate Rob Walkiewicz and his accomplishments.

In Rob’s words, “The sky’s the limit here. You could go all the way up. You could be running the place. I went from saw guy, which is probably the first machine anyone ever runs here at Loc, all the way to running the shop.”

“I think I could go and get a job pretty much anywhere doing what I do, but I like it here,” Rob states. “It’s a good company.”