Robot Operator Trainee/Welder – Kelsey Moore

Kelsey Moore is currently training to become a Robot Operator for Loc. She transferred from the painting department in order to seize an opportunity to learn a different skill set and attend welding school. “I saw that there were openings for welders, and I talked to my supervisor about it,” says Kelsey. “He helped me get into the program and I started going to welding school. Two weeks later, they wanted me to take a weld test. I took the weld test, then a week after that I got put on the floor. It’s pretty cool actually. I never had this opportunity. So I’m thankful for it. It’s really cool to learn something.”

Loc provides paid training for employees who wish to learn more in their skilled trades. Kelsey states that when she was hired into the painting department, she didn’t yet know she wanted to do anything related to welding or robots. “It was an opportunity and I took it. I didn’t think I was going to be good at it, but it happened, and I’m thankful for it!”

She credits her welding instructor, Rick Coleman, for helping her during her transition into welding.

Looking toward the future of her career, Kelsey anticipates a significant return on the skills she’s building at Loc. “This is going to take me far. I’m going to have the experience to actually do more in the long run,” says Kelsey.

For now, Kelsey is enjoying her job at Loc, stating she likes her coworkers and job overall. “I like to be challenged. I like to be pushed to the edge to see if I can actually do it. I really enjoy learning new things and soaking up all the information that I’m getting.”

As far as advice for any potential employees, Kelsey states that Loc is searching for “somebody that’s motivated, and that wants to move forward and be the best they can be at whatever position they’re doing.”

Kelsey is excited to continue on her path and soon become a fully trained Robot Operator at Loc.