Loc Expanding Machinist Development Training Program

Loc Performance has announced an expansion of its industry-leading Machinist Development Training Program, from Loc’s Lansing, Michigan facility to its Plymouth, Michigan headquarters.

The 60-month program takes entry level participants through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, allowing them to earn a journeyman’s card at program completion.

“That journeyman’s card is issued by the U.S. Department of Labor,” says CNC Program Manager John Delisle. “It’s an important certification for us, and it serve the people who earn it for the rest of their careers. When we expand this to a second facility in the next few quarters, that will allow us to offer the program to even more members of our team.”

The expanded Machinist Development Training Program will be housed alongside Loc’s Welding Development Training Program, already well-established in the Plymouth facility.

Looking to the future, a continued commitment to employee development and training will play a critical role in Loc’s growth.

“As a whole, our economy is seeing only about a 6% influx in skilled trades. Compare that to the 15-20% of the skilled trades workforce who is retiring or otherwise leaving the field each year, and it becomes obvious that we have to invest time and money in the people who are a part of our team,” says Delisle.

In addition to a journeyman’s card, Loc’s training programs are geared toward specific areas of focus that provide pathways for continued career development, such as programming and engineering.

“I absolutely love training people and helping to build their careers,” says Delisle. “I’ve done it my whole career. I take joy in seeing that lightbulb come on when things click, and helping people to build good-paying careers that they love.