Chad Darr

Chief Program Officer

Chad Darr is the Chief Program Officer at Loc. He has been certified since 2007 as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has several degrees from the University of Michigan that include a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering (1995), M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1998) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (2004).

In his time at Loc since 2009, Chad formally started the Loc Product Development line of business where he profitably grew Loc’s design and development engineering capabilities. In 2014 Chad led the efforts to obtain Loc’s award to be the prime contractor for the Bradley ECP1 production program. Chad has provided program management personnel and leadership support for successfully launching and executing the Bradley ECP1 contract since its inception.

Before employment at Loc, Chad was responsible for Program Integration on Future Combat Systems (FCS), Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV), wherein next generation’s fleet of tracked combat vehicles were developed for the U.S. Army. Additionally, Chad served as the Program Manager for Bradley Mobility System Modernization that includes scope for increasing the Bradley power pack capability, and upgrading the track and suspension systems that eventually culminated in what Loc is manufacturing today in its ECP1 program.