Loc Awarded Follow-on Bradley ECP1 Contract

Michigan-based Loc Performance Products, Inc. (Loc) has been awarded a $417 million defense contract to restore lost mobility to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued the contract as a follow-on effort to its $161 million dollar contract awarded in 2014.  Together, they represent the Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle Engineering Change Proposal One (ECP-1) production and fielding program. Loc began fielding in the summer of 2015 and continues today at a rate of 36 vehicles per month.

The new contract award includes scope for fielding upgraded Bradley final drive systems, in addition to the suspension and track systems being upgraded under the original 2014 contract. It also includes scope for fielding at Army fort locations in Kuwait, Germany and South Korea in addition to numerous sites within the continental United States. The follow-on award adds 2,264 vehicles to the 1,080 vehicles from the original contract, bringing the total to 3,344 in the United States’ global Bradley fleet.

“This award validates Loc as the Best Value provider of suspension, driveline and track systems for combat tracked vehicles.  The Army is driving hundreds of millions of dollars out of the system for upgrades like this through competition. Loc is well positioned to win and deliver on competitive solicitations like this Bradley ECP1 program,” said Lou Burr, President, Loc Performance.