Loc to Produce Groundbreaking Drill Rig Technology

Exlterra Inc. has signed an agreement for the production of its patented ultra-light drill rig with Michigan- based manufacturer Loc Performance Products, Inc.

Small enough to fit in a compact parking space, the drill rig utilizes an ultra-light yet durable design to be agile on site, and minimally disruptive to groundcover. The brainchild of Exlterra’s CTO Andrew Niemczyk, the drill rig will be formally unveiled later this year and primarily used to quickly plant Exlterra’s innovative energy-passive groundwater recharge product. But this versatile rig is fit for many more applications, such as well, geothermal and geotechnical drilling.

“Our rig is truly unique and requires precision work on all levels of production,” said Frank Muller, Exlterra’s CEO. “That is why we are thrilled to be working with Loc Performance. They have exceeded those requirements and have proven they are capable of manufacturing to our specifications.”

Designed to make drilling safer, faster and easier in any environmental condition, prototype testing of the drill rig was recently completed and Exlterra is now ready to begin commercial production.

“Loc Performance has been working closely with Exlterra during the development of its drill rig and we are excited to team up with such an innovative company,” said Jason Atkinson, COO at Loc Performance. “We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products for our customers and seeing the rig’s capabilities in the field has truly been a testament to what can be accomplished between our two companies.”