ECP-1 Contract

Loc Performance was awarded a $161 million defense contract to restore lost mobility to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in 2014. The contract included the installation of Track Kits, Shock Absorber Kits, Vehicle Suspension Support System Kits and Heavy Weight Torsion Bar Kits. Loc’s responsibilities also included logistics support including vehicle inspections, new equipment training and a 10 kilometer road test for each upgraded vehicle.

As a result of Loc receiving the contract, the Army saved taxpayers millions of dollars and demonstrated a new model for cost-effective procurement.

Three years after the initial contract was awarded, The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command awarded a follow-on contract for $417 million. They continue production today at a rate of 36 vehicles per month.

"This award validates Loc as the Best Value provider of suspension, driveline and track systems for combat tracked vehicles. The Army is driving hundreds of millions of dollars out of the system for upgrades like this through competition. Loc is well positioned to win and deliver on competitive solicitations like this Bradley ECP1 program," says Lou Burr, CEO, Loc Performance.

According to Chad Darr, Loc's Chief Program Officer, "A key success factor for winning this award is Loc's pro-active management approach for executing its programs. This approach has allowed Loc to be at or ahead of schedule at all times, to accelerate when the Army requested it and to save the Army an additional $5,000 per vehicle by refurbishing removed suspension arms into their updated configuration."