Passenger Vehicle Electric Driveline

Loc designed, prototyped and tested a revolutionary electric driveline system in 10 months. The task was challenging on multiple fronts. Loc needed to design the drive and cooling system, all while building a more efficient and higher power density drive than those available on the market today.

Loc’s design approach was to start with the platform requirements, and then shift focus to performance factors. Throughout the 10-month project, there were several design iterations with the client regarding packaging space, interface definitions and multiple design and process enhancements. Loc proved able to quickly and efficiently accommodate the client's evolving design specifications.

With vertically integrated gear manufacturing, Loc was able to prototype using production processes on its high precision grinders, avoiding prototype tooling and enabling quicker delivery.

Loc provides extensive experience in assembly and testing, with the added benefit of refining design processes employing its vertically integrated systems. These advantages allow Loc to meet very specific customer design challenges within tight timelines providing exceptional quality.