Hybrid Bus

A manufacturer of Hybrid Bus Systems came to Loc for help with propulsion system reliability. There were a multitude of problems with gearboxes purchased from their existing supplier including failures of components sourced from China. Field failures were extremely high at over 50%. They needed to make a change.

Loc built initial low volume production gearboxes that passed the demanding full life cycle testing. The decision was then made to move total production to Loc. To support production and quality requirements, Loc invested millions of dollars in gear manufacturing and inspection equipment. Loc builds the critical custom gearbox components in house and sources bearings, seals and fasteners from approved US suppliers.

This investment has paid off. Hybrid bus system reliability now meets end customer expectations and has enabled a significant increase in annual system orders.

The year after start of production, Loc received a corporate supplier partnership award. Loc’s customer wanted to show their appreciation to our workforce and treated all employees to lunch. Loc establishes customer relationships on a foundation of excellence and trust.

Due to our proven field reliability and dependability, Loc is now the sole supplier on a second gearbox program for heavy duty applications and the customer’s choice for gears used for future product development.