M88A2 Improved Recovery Vehicle Final Drive

Loc has been manufacturing the M88A2 Final Drive for approximately 20 years. Loc has significantly improved the design in three key areas.

First, Loc redesigned the brake system of the final drive. The original braking system would wear quickly and could not stop the vehicle within the specified braking distance. The new braking system allows the M88A2 to stop within the specification distance when towing a fully loaded M1 Abrams. The new braking system is also very robust and shows negligible signs of wear after years of use.

The second redesign was the final drive to transmission coupling. The original coupling would break during heavy use. A broken coupling typically caused catastrophic failure of the entire final drive gearbox. The new coupling design was based on metallurgical improvements which created a much more robust coupling that no longer caused catastrophic final drive failure.

The third redesign addressed the class 3 oil leak at the output shaft end of the drive. Loc redesigned the entire output end of the drive to allow the use of a robust output shaft seal. The drives no longer leak oil at the output shaft.

All M88A2 Final Drives in US Government inventory have now been converted by Loc to the latest Loc design improvements. To date, Loc has built over 3,900 M88A2 Final Drives. Loc also remanufactures M88A2 Final Drives per Government specifications, converting used drives into like-new condition. Loc is also now developing a two speed drive for this application.